Growing up as a digital native and with a passion for the arts, Charlot began drawing and painting on a graphic tablet early in her youth. She uses Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Tablet to emulate traditional painting techniques in her post-digital artwork. In the past few years, she began experimenting with traditional materials such as oil on wood, canvas or MDF. The focus of her work is on portraiture and visual self-expression, depicting people, faces and figures, the stories behind them or her connection to them.It is also heavily influenced by Film, TV, music and popculture.

Charlot has worked and volunteered in many both creative and administrative jobs ranging from commissioned paintings, illustration work, graphic- and webdesign, photography, video editing, set design, working as an assistant director, production assistant and casting agent to writing, producting, directing and editing her own short films.

After graduating in 2015 she spent more than six months traveling New Zealand in a van while working on farms and in factorys to support her further travels. After a stopover in Southeast Asia, she returned to Germany in April 2016.

In July 2016 she moved to Berlin and is now focusing her creative energy on building her career as a freelance filmmaker and artist. She joined the Berlin art collective and production company SILENTFILM as Junior Art Director in 2017.


2015           Abitur, Herderschule Giessen
1996           born in Wetzlar, Germany


2016           Solo Show "Summa Summarum", Antik & More Einrichtungen, Giessen


Screenplay, Producer, Director, Post-Production

2016           "Acht Uhr Neunundzwanzig", 12 minute short,
2013           "Die Antwort", 5 minute short